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For every backyard enthusiast or small food producer that we come across, we always recommend that they check out BackyardHerds.com  Our own, Emily LeVan, has been a moderator there for a very long time, though not as active on their forum currently as she once was.  The community has a thriving forum of members who work at raising herd animals (and insects in the case of bees) for the purposes of show, pleasure, and meat.  Always ready to answer a question, give advice or lend an ear, the members of the forum quickly become long distance friends.


Goat Notes eBook by Emily LeVan is only $10 and a great resource if you have goats.  This book is full of helpful resources and includes recordkeeping pages for you to keep track of your backyard herd of goats.  The book is also available in a "hard" copy as a softcover which will allow you to track up to 10 goats.  You can find the softcover version on Amazon for $19.95.


If you're a goat owner, you'll appreciate the tongue in cheek humor of G.A.S. Gear - that's Goat Addiction Syndrome.  You can get all kinds of shirts, bags, and accessories with this catchy logo on it.  Goats are so much fun that you just can't help but become addicted!


Well, have you ever heard of "chicken math"?  It can be even worse than Goat Addiction Syndrome!  Before you know it, you are overrun with chickens.  And when you become overrun you need to find out what to do with them all, so we recommend that you join the amazing community at BackyardChickens.com This community is run by the same person who runs BackyardHerds.com, but BYC has been around for a good deal longer and therefore has a much larger community.  BackyardChickens isn't just limited to chickens, oh no!  You'll find ducks, quail, turkey, guinea fowl, and all kinds of exotic fowl on this forum.  If you have poultry, make sure you are a member of BYC.